Darla Davies is the first dancer with an artificial hip to win a national ballroom title.

She is perhaps the first athlete with a hip replacement to come back to win a U.S. championship title in any traveling movement sport.


Who Said I’d Never Dance Again?

A Journey from Hip Replacement Surgery to Athletic Victory

More than twenty-two million Americans watch—eyes glued to the TV screen—as dancers move swiftly and smoothly across the dance floor. More than 250,000 others get off the couch and participate in dance studios, dance competitions, and dance organizations across the country.

Until now, no one watching could imagine that someone with an artificial hip could move so deftly on the dance floor. Many viewers don’t have the physical flexibility and stamina to dance with their own joints, let alone an implanted one.

Who Said I’d Never Dance Again? is the first book about ballroom dancing to address a painful yet victorious comeback after joint replacement surgery, and the rigorous physical and mental strength required to make it happen. Its appeal is broadened by the inclusion of the moving stories of other athletes, inspiring quotes, and recommendations for action for the reader. Read more…

Who Said I'd Never Dance Again by Darla Davies

What People Are Saying

“Being in the medical profession, I learned a lot from a patient’s perspective. The book offers many good pre and post-surgery tips. I enjoyed the interjected quotes from others placed throughout the book, most very inspiring.  The author shows so much determination and would be an inspiration to those looking at any kind of surgery.  4 stars!”

Robin M. via Netgalley

“An inspirational story!  Darla Davies really inspired me with her story as she took me on her journey through her struggle to overcome adversity and become a champion dancer!  I truly felt like she really cares about my own challenges and personal journey in the way she speaks to the reader and with the tips she gives throughout the book.  Anyone would enjoy reading this story! And there is much to learn from it too! 5 stars!”

Angelo via Barnes & Noble

“What sets Darla Davies’ memoir apart from more traditional recovery stories and makes this book relatable for athletes, and for dancers who are not in the ballroom world, are two things: Darla’s tips of advice at the end of each chapter and inspirational tales of celebrity athletes and dancers.”

Leigh Purtill via DanceAdvantage.net